Finance Committee

Doug Peapody, Chair,

The Finance Committee was established by the Pastoral Council, in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, to assist the Pastoral Council and pastor with finance related issues. The Finance Committee only acts in a consulting role to the Council and pastor.

The Finance Committee in consultation with the Parish Business Manager will provide recommendations to the Council and pastor related to projects and normal business activities. The Finance Committee cannot make binding decisions for the Parish without the approval of the Pastoral Council and the pastor. The Finance Committee meets a minimum of ten times per year on the third Tuesday of each month or at other times designated by the Chairperson, Pastor or other finance officers. Special meetings may be called by the pastor or officers if necessary. Members are expected to attend all regular and any special meetings called. Meetings are open to all parishioners. In the event of confidential matters, the Finance Committee has the right to close the meeting to all non-voting members and guests by entering into executive session. Members shall serve as liaison to one other organization and review monthly bank reconciliations as well as financial reports. The Finance Committee is composed of seven active registered parishioners with an accounting, finance, legal or business background.