Pastoral Council

Melissa Metzger, Chair,
Steve Feller, Chair Elect,

The Pastoral Council’s purpose is to assist the Pastor in the governance of the parish and in the development and facilitation of parish and pastoral goals, programs and policies. The Pastoral Council serves in a consultative role and acts as a visionary, planning and evaluative body to the pastor. The Pastoral Council carries out its purpose through the following functions: sets vision for the parish community by leading a process to articulate the parish’s mission in a statement which reflects the mission of Jesus and is relevant to the unique circumstances of the parish; gives direction to the parish community through discerning God’s will for the community, assessing needs, developing priorities and engaging in pastoral planning.

In carrying out its primary functions, the Pastoral Council attempts to: Unify the parish community by promoting communication and understanding and by coordinating programs, activities and events through its committees; Connect the people of the parish to one another and the parish to the archdiocese and universal Church by articulating the common mission and by developing awareness dialogue; Energize the parish community by exerting leadership, inviting broad participation in ministry, involving parishioners more intimately in parish life, and by witnessing their faith in all circumstances and situations; Enhance the council’s faith dimension by providing opportunities for councilors to deepen their relationship with Christ both as individuals and as a community; and Foster the parish’s faith dimension by providing opportunities for spiritual growth for all parishioners. The time required is approximately 5 to 15 hours per month. A member needs a general understanding of the parish community and a willingness to listen, discern and serve. Membership is for a three year term. Pastoral Council meets on the fourth Monday of every month.

Current Members

  • Mrs. Jessica Able
  • Mr. Daniel Barker
  • Mr. Steve Feller
  • Mr. Edward J. Kupper
  • Ms. Jenny Kute
  • Mrs. Melissa Metzger
  • Mr. Christopher Mueller
  • Mrs. Mary Margaret Mulvihill
  • Walter Earl Reed
  • Ms. Mary P. Sheridan
  • Ms. Nellie Stallings
  • John R. Zickel, Jr.