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The RCIA process is the ordinary way through which a person enters into full membership in the Catholic Church. Beginning in September, those inquiring into the possibility of joining the Church meet weekly with the pastoral staff coordinator of the RCIA and a TEAM, consisting of volunteers who represent the parish at large in welcoming and accompanying these “inquirers” on their faith journey.

The process is punctuated by a series of ritual blessings or “rites” which are celebrated at Sunday Liturgies. Inquirers who wish to continue the process are welcomed through the Rite of Acceptance, and are designated as Catechumens, those who are not yet baptized, or Candidates, those who are already baptized in another faith tradition. The RCIA meetings consist of prayer, discussions of scriptures, sacraments, the liturgical year, peace and justice issues, service and morality. Finally, those who wish to join the Church are fully initiated at the Easter Vigil Celebration, by receiving the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.