Vision & Goals

The St. Agnes Youth Ministry Program exists to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of the young people in the parish by offering the opportunity for growth and development in their lifelong journey through prayer and worship, catechesis, justice and service, and evangelization. St. Agnes Youth Ministry nurtures relationships between youth and their peers, families, parish, and local and world communities. Youth Ministry also works to empower young people to live as disciples of Christ in our world today. Our ministry seeks out and develops leadership potential in our young people in order for them to assume responsibility for the present and future of our church.

Core Values of St. Agnes Youth Ministry

  • A welcoming community where everyone feels safe and comfortable to grow in their faith
  • Recognizing, appreciating, and sharing individual gifts
  • Recognizing that each person is loved by God
  • Inspire commitment through consistently meaningful and enjoyable experiences
  • Building community through service among St. Agnes members and beyond

Core Purpose of St. Agnes Youth Ministry

To empower youth to recognize Gods call and give the opportunity to live it out.

Youth Center Rules

  • Be kind - we are building a community
  • Permission slips are REQUIRED (no ifs, ands, or buts)
  • Everyone is asked to participate (in ice breakers, group discussions, activities, etc…just do it)
  • Show respect for yourself, others and property (no offensive or inappropriate clothing, language, music, jokes, movies, or gossip please)
  • No smoking or illegal activities (police and/or parents will be called)
  • Please ask before using Mary’s office
  • CELL PHONES need to be put on SILENT and put AWAY – if they are seen or heard during youth group, they will be TAKEN AWAY until the end of the night
  • Please stay on youth center property, once you leave the youth center for the night you can not return
  • Games are for enjoyment… please respect youth center equipment and game rules
  • Please try to arrive on time and stay for the whole activity
  • No PURPLE (boys are blue, girls are red)
  • Refrain from anything that would cause intentional physical harm
  • This is our space – EVERYONE helps with cleaning up and putting things away (wash your own dishes, etc.)