Compassion and Action (Justice and Peace)

Theresa Secord, 451-2220,

Our purpose is to inspire among the St. Agnes faith community the gospel values of compassion, justice outreach, and sacredness of all life by offering a framework for education, service and advocacy concerning issues of social justice. It is coordinated by a committee of parishioners who meet monthly and who work with other parish and city organizations.

Compassion and Action works to foster a deeper understanding within the parish community of the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching, understanding the consistent ethic of life from conception to death according to the gospel. This responsibility flows from the gospel challenge to sharing our resources and respond to present suffering (often called “charity ministry”) as well as being called to transform structures or policies that oppress (often called “justice action”). Annually, the committee will review these tenets to determine how to best bring these current topics to the community’s mind and action.

For the St. Agnes Parish Community, this committee does the following:

  1. Continues our work on the St. Agnes Sister Parish Initiative, through the support of the Sister Parish Subcommittee and Strategic Plan Goal 5.
  2. Works to build a more compassionate community at St. Agnes Parish by working with our school, and possibly in co-operation with the Compassionate Louisville initiative (In accordance with Strategic Plan Goal 3)
  3. Offers opportunities for action through Justice Sundays, addressing Environmental Concerns, providing Parenting for Peace and other service opportunities such as prison ministries and help for refugee families. (In accordance with Strategic Plan Goal 3)
  4. Collaborates with Adult Faith Formation to offer Education on Catholic Social Teaching and gospel values regarding compassion and justice
  5. Promotes and communicates advocacy opportunities and justice-action on issues at the local, state, national and international level.