Altar Servers

Server Coordinator - Will Ousley
Server Trainer - Kelly Landenwich

This ministry is a wonderful way for young people to begin to take an active role in their Parish Community by sharing their time and talent during liturgy. Servers help to ensure that the liturgy is celebrated in a reverent and prayerful manner. A server should be familiar with the process of the liturgy and have the ability to anticipate the next liturgical action.

Servers are required to prepare themselves, the vessels and other materials before Mass, participate fully in the liturgy itself, and put clean and store the sacred objects used when the Mass is over.

Two servers assist the priest and other ministers at the celebration of the liturgy. Seventh and eighth grade students serve the school liturgies, as well as weddings, funerals, and holydays. Both High School and eighth grade students serve the weekend Masses.

A training class along with server guidelines is provided twice a year. If your son or daughter is interested in becoming a server please contact the Altar Server coordinator.