David's Dialogues

Fr. David Colhour, C.P.Graduations always have two peaks. First it is a time of great accomplishment. We have put tremendous energy into reaching a goal, a goal consisting of many years of work, staying on a path, and keeping the vision in view. Thus, a sense of accomplishment and the celebrations are escalated.

The flip side is that with a graduation, our belonging system changes. We don’t belong to the school where we have invested ourselves like we previously had. We are no longer who we once were. In fact, they even change our status to alumni. The flow of our daily lives shifts and many graduates find themselves disconnected from previous routines. And life changes.

In a real sense there is a certain dying and rising which happens because of graduations. And I consistently ask those who go through it how their world changes. And they unanimously respond – “My world has gotten a whole lot bigger”. And maybe that is part of the blessedness of growing into a bigger world. Today I congratulate all our graduates. And may this time of transition lead you into a bigger, amazing world.