Pastoral Council

Magaret AndersonChair

The Pastoral Council’s purpose is to assist the Pastor in the governance of the parish and in the development and facilitation of parish and pastoral goals, programs and policies. The Pastoral Council serves in a consultative role and acts as a visionary, planning and evaluative body to the pastor. The Pastoral Council carries out its purpose through the following functions: sets vision for the parish community by leading a process to articulate the parish’s mission in a statement which reflects the mission of Jesus and is relevant to the unique circumstances of the parish; gives direction to the parish community through discerning God’s will for the community, assessing needs, developing priorities and engaging in pastoral planning.

In carrying out its primary functions, the Pastoral Council attempts to: Unify the parish community by promoting communication and understanding and by coordinating programs, activities and events through its committees; Connect the people of the parish to one another and the parish to the archdiocese and universal Church by articulating the common mission and by developing awareness dialogue; Energize the parish community by exerting leadership, inviting broad participation in ministry, involving parishioners more intimately in parish life, and by witnessing their faith in all circumstances and situations; Enhance the council’s faith dimension by providing opportunities for councilors to deepen their relationship with Christ both as individuals and as a community; and Foster the parish’s faith dimension by providing opportunities for spiritual growth for all parishioners. The time required is approximately 5 to 15 hours per month. A member needs a general understanding of the parish community and a willingness to listen, discern and serve. Membership is for a three year term. Pastoral Council meets on the fourth Monday of every month.

Current Members

  • Lauren Wernert, Chair
  • Michael Denbow, Secretary
  • Dan Able, Parish Life/Engagement Coordinating Liaison
  • David Brink, Chair-Elect; Coordinating Committee Chair
  • Ann-Marie Deck, Good Shepherd Church/Sister Parish Liaison
  • John Hanks, Administration Coordinating Liaison; Nominating Committee Chair
  • Chris Hettinger, Service Coordinating Liaison
  • Michael Kleinert, Education Coordinating Liaison
  • Susan Mersch, Congregate Committee Liaison
  • Chris O’Bryan, Worship Coordinating Liaison
  • Elizabeth Smigielski, Formation Coordinating Liaison
  • Mandy Decker, Past-Chair

Parish & Community Ministry Team

Jo Lawless

The goal of this ministry team is to develop and facilitate comprehensive stewardship efforts within the parish and beyond. This is accomplished through two objectives: (1) informing and involving parishioners in a wide-ranging program of time, talent, and treasure; and (2) embracing and addressing local, national and international social justice needs.  The team meets the first Monday of each month.

Outreach Committee

Anne Sansbury

The Outreach Committee was formed in 2007 to establish a more formal process for determining who will receive stewardship gifts from Saint Agnes each year. We also hope to educate the Parish as to the processes, programs, and charities that we interact with throughout the year. The members consist of representatives from various organizations, Staff, Peace and Justice, Carnival, Athletics, PTO, and Finance. Applications for charitable assistance are accepted until December with final selections being made in March.

Finance Committee

John WeisChair

The Finance Committee was established by the Pastoral Council, in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, to assist the Pastoral Council and pastor with finance related issues. The Finance Committee only acts in a consulting role to the Council and pastor.

The Finance Committee in consultation with the Parish Business Manager will provide recommendations to the Council and pastor related to projects and normal business activities. The Finance Committee cannot make binding decisions for the Parish without the approval of the Pastoral Council and the pastor. The Finance Committee meets a minimum of ten times per year on the third Tuesday of each month or at other times designated by the Chairperson, Pastor or other finance officers. Special meetings may be called by the pastor or officers if necessary. Members are expected to attend all regular and any special meetings called. Meetings are open to all parishioners. In the event of confidential matters, the Finance Committee has the right to close the meeting to all non-voting members and guests by entering into executive session. Members shall serve as liaison to one other organization and review monthly bank reconciliations as well as financial reports. The Finance Committee is composed of seven active registered parishioners with an accounting, finance, legal or business background.

Audit Committee

Parish Office
This committee currently is not functioning. Because the work of this group is so important to the Parish, we are asking anyone with expertise or background in this area to please consider giving your time and talent.

The Audit Committee was established by the Pastoral Council, as stated in Archdiocesan policy, to ensure that the parish is operating in accordance with Archdiocesan Financial Policies and Procedures. The Audit Committee evaluates internal control procedures and makes recommendations, when appropriate, based on its findings. Members of the Audit Committee are registered parishioners with a background in accounting and/or audit and are elected to a two year term. Meetings are held a minimum of four times a year. Currently, meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, excluding the summer months.

Building & Grounds

Greg DuesChair

This committee has traditionally focused on working directly with the maintenance engineer to ensure that the entire campus is properly maintained. Building upon the traditional knowledge and expertise found on this committee, it’s expanded mission is one that not only provides our students, faculty, and parishioners with safe, well cared for facilities, but one that challenges the way we think about the future of our campus. Are we prepared for changing times, not only for our younger student parishioners, but for our aging parish community? Focusing on a well planned campus and vision of continued “Faith” building that buttresses the teaching of Jesus and the vision of our pastoral leadership, is as equal a responsibility within this committee.

Buildings and Grounds review of project requests for recommendation to the parish Finance Committee and Pastoral Council affords all levels of campus leadership the opportunity to review improvements prior to capital engagement.

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Parish Center and usually last one hour.