Marriage Preparation

Dcn. Trey MobleyPastoral Associate

An engaged couple who plans to have their wedding at Saint Agnes is required to have between four to six meetings with members of the Pastoral Staff. During these meetings, they will take a communication inventory which will be shared with them. Additionally, they are asked to attend a two-hour wedding workshop that will help them plan their liturgical celebration. They are also required to complete two programs: Engaged Encounter Weekend and the Sponsor Couple Program. As the wedding date approaches, the couple will have one to two meetings with the Presider who will officiate their wedding. Throughout this process, the importance of the sacramental covenant they are about to enter into is integrated and emphasized.

To make things easier for the couple, we have included a table that lists all the important documents required for weddings at Saint Agnes.

Document File
Saint Agnes Wedding Guidelines Download
Music for Wedding Workshop Download
Sample Wedding Worship Aid Download
Wedding First Readings Download
Wedding Second Readings Download
Wedding Gospel Readings Download
Wedding Liturgy & Procession Plan Form Download

Mentor/Companion Couple Program

Dcn. Trey MobleyPastoral Associate

This enrichment program is in its infancy stage and will be implemented in 2024. Each newly-married couple will be paired with a married couple from the parish who will walk with them during their first year of marriage. Together each pair of couples will decide on times to gather for social, spiritual and community events. Mentor/companion couples will offer support to their newly-married couple through their presence and prayer. There will be training opportunities for those couples who wish to serve as a Companion Couple through the parish and archdiocesan offices. Couples who participate in this program will take part in planned retreat and prayer days.

Baptism Preparation

Jennie MeiroseBaptism Coordinator

Do you want to have your child baptized?  Entry into the church community and God’s family through the rite of Baptism is a great decision and a significant step. This is an important choice on your part, because as parents, you are the first teachers of your child in the practice of the faith. The Saint Agnes faith community shares your responsibility in preparing for your child’s baptism by providing an initial preparation program for parents. You are invited and expected to participate in this preparation to gain information about the celebration rite, explore the meaning and hopes of your child’s baptism, and your own expectations about sharing the life of faith.

The preparation program consists of a one evening parent discussion session focused on Christian parenting, a group rehearsal the week of the actual Baptism, and the completion of a baptism registration form.

Baptism is the sacrament of belonging to a faith community therefore it is celebrated every other month during regularly scheduled liturgies. (Saturday at 5:00 p.m., Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m .) Here at Saint Agnes, immersion is the preferred form for infant baptism.

If you feel that you are ready to share your faith in word and action with your child, please contact Jennie Meirose ( to register and begin Baptism preparation.

Sacrament of The Sick

Please call the Parish Office if anyone is seriously sick (whether in a hospital, assisted care, or home) and wishes to be anointed. Eucharistic Ministers are available on Sunday to bring Communion to the homebound.


Saturday: 4:00 – 4:30pm
Anytime by appointment. Communal celebrations as announced during Advent and Lent.