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Aggie Accolades

4H Speech Contest State Winner

Again this year, Saint Agnes School had a student win the state level competition in Speech. Nick B. competed at the University of Kentucky this summer and earned a trophy for his speech. Congratulations, Nick! Nick is the third member of his family to advance to the state level of the 4H contest.

November 5th, 2017|

Elks Club Essay Writing Contest Winners

In a special ceremony Lauren E. placed 1st, Elizabeth N. placed 2nd, and Lilly N. placed 3rd in their respective age groups for their essays. Congratulations students!

November 5th, 2017|

Saint Agnes Catholic School Robotics’ Teams

Saint Agnes competes in RCX, VEX and Sumobot Robotics. Saint Agnes School regularly competes in Regionals,  State and INTERNATIONAL competition! Saint Agnes School students performed very well. Ms. Raidt and her accomplished teams work nearly year-round to stay competitive in this popular and growing field.

November 3rd, 2017|

KYA-Kentucky Youth Assembly Results

6th, 7th and 8th graders, along with teachers and parents, attend the KYA conference each fall. The delegation sponsors three bills each year. Highlights of recent conference experiences include:

  • Saint Agnes had its first KYA Candidate
  • Three recent KYA bills were ranked in the top half of all bills and presented in Frankfort
  • Two of three recent bills passed the KYA House and Senate and were signed into law by the KYA Governor
  • Our recent Early Childhood Education bill was ranked Best Premier Bill
  • A Saint Agnes 8th grader was recognized as a Delegate of Excellence
  • Saint Agnes Catholic School was recognized as a Delegation of Excellence
  • Saint Agnes Catholic School was voted as the Best New Delegation-the highest award possible

CONGRATULATIONS to our KYA delegation for their hard work and collaborative spirit!

November 3rd, 2017|

District Governor’s Cup Recent Results

Future Problem Solving:

Saint Agnes Catholic School 1st Place 2017
Saint Agnes Catholic School 1st Place 2016
Saint Agnes Catholic School 2nd Place 2015
Saint Agnes Catholic School 1st Place 2014

Quick Recall:

Saint Agnes Catholic School Place 2017
Saint Agnes Catholic School 2nd Place 2016
Saint Agnes Catholic School 3rd Place 2015
Saint Agnes Catholic School 1st Place 2014


Maeve W. R. – 1st Place 2014
Marne D.- 3rd Place 2014


Paul G. – 4th Place 2016
Paul G. – 5th Place 2015
Dane R. – 4th Place 2014

Social Studies:

Ben H.,- 5th Place 2016
Lauren L.- 2nd Place 2014
Matthew V.- 3rd Place 2014

Language Arts:

Elise B.- 2nd Place 2014

Arts & Humanities:

Gus B.- 2nd Place 2016
Paul G.- 4th Place 2016
Caroline B.- 1st Place 2014
Jane H.- 2nd Place 2014

Composition Writing:

Ella C.- 3rd Place 2016
Campbell C.- 4th Place 2016
Maddie H.- 5th Place 2016
Marne D. – 4th Place 2015
Cameron Y. – 2nd Place 2014
Nicholas C. – 3rd Place 2014

Go to to view more Governor’s Cup results.

November 3rd, 2017|

Catholic Schools’ Academic League Quick Recall

One of our Saint Agnes seventh and eighth grade Quick Recall Teams recently earned second place in the city-wide CSAL-Catholic Schools Academic League tournament

November 3rd, 2017|