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Faculty and Staff

Saint Agnes School’s faculty and staff work together in teams to support students and their families. The principal leads her administrative team which includes our assistant principal, school counselor, learning coordinators and school librarian. We guide our teaching faculty as they collaborate in Professional Learning Communities, or PLC’s, with a growth mindset. All members of our faculty have advanced degrees, multiple degrees, or are actively working toward a graduate degree. All engage in targeted professional development to support school goals to advance student learning.

Julianna Daly
Julianna DalyPrincipal
Daniel Verdon
Daniel VerdonAssistant Principal
Connie Brumleve
Connie BrumleveSecretary
Beth Ford
Beth FordBookkeeper/Health Room
Crissy Rist
Crissy RistCounselor

Learning Coordinators

Aundrea George
Aundrea GeorgeLearning Coordinator K-5
Julia Barker
Julia BarkerLearning Coordinator 6-8


Karen Kaseta
Karen KasetaPre-K, ASC, Summer Care Director
Catherine Gray
Catherine GrayPre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher


Samantha Stopher
Samantha StopherKindergarten, KS
Peggy Gaba
Peggy GabaKS Asst.
Katy O'Brien
Katy O'BrienKindergarten, KO
Amy O'Daniel
Amy O'DanielKO Assistant

First Grade

Debby Klein
Debby Klein1K Teacher
Sherri Thomas
Sherri Thomas1K Assistant
Natalie Clements
Natalie Clements1C Teacher
Terri Mahoney
Terri Mahoney1C Assistant

Second Grade

Jessica Young
Jessica Young2Y Teacher
Julianne Ellis
Julianne Ellis2Y Assistant
Carol Webster
Carol Webster2W Teacher
Katie Queen
Katie Queen2W Assistant

Third Grade

Suzanne Dooling
Suzanne Dooling3D Teacher
Alexandria Iceman
Alexandria Iceman3I Teacher
Suzanne Feller
Suzanne FellerGrade 3 Assistant

Fourth Grade

Kelley Schleg
Kelley Schleg4S Teacher
Alexis Higgs
Alexis Higgs4H Teacher
Suzanne Bishoff
Suzanne BishoffGrade 4 Assistant

Fifth Grade

Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller5M Teacher
Shelby Thomas
Shelby Thomas5T Teacher

Sixth Grade

Lisa Radcliff
Lisa Radcliff6R Teacher
Alison Milby
Alison Milby6M Teacher
Michael Plas
Michael PlasScience Teacher

Seventh Grade

Manuel Nieto
Manuel Nieto7N Teacher, Spanish Teacher
Jeremy Grimes
Jeremy Grimes7G Teacher

Eighth Grade

Matthew Gilbert
Matthew Gilbert8G Teacher
Emily Cartwright
Emily Cartwright8C Teacher
Sarah Hellman
Sarah Hellman8th Grade Algebra Teacher

Related Arts

Elizabeth Hinkebein
Elizabeth HinkebeinLibrarian
Laura Dant
Laura DantArt Teacher
Pamela Raidt
Pamela RaidtSTEAM Lab Teacher
Lydia Lee
Lydia LeeAssistant Director & Spanish
Lindsey Duncan
Lindsey DuncanMusic Teacher, Choir Leader
Betsey Dragoo
Betsey DragooPE Teacher, Recess Coordinator

Additional Staff

Tom DeSpain
Tom DeSpainFacilities Manager, Elective Teacher
Will Ousley
Will OusleyDirector of Parish Engagement
Pam Amon
Pam AmonCafeteria Manager
Ellen GuilfordCafeteria Chef