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Mission Statement


Saint Agnes
Catholic School

embraces and educates students
in a Catholic community,
empowering them to lead
faith-based lives.


In 2014, Saint Agnes School celebrated its 100th anniversary. The school continues to be an important ministry of the parish. We, as School Board and Faculty, commit to building upon the rich traditions of FAITH, COMMUNITY, and ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE that have come to define the school. We make this commitment so that current and future generations of Saint Agnes students will have a rich elementary school experience, rooted in Gospel values and Catholic tradition, which will prepare them to take advantage of future educational opportunities.

In respect to our Tradition of Faith we will:

Make prayer a core element of the school experience.

Promote active participation in our faith community both at parish, local, and global levels.

Provide excellent catechesis in the areas of Scripture, Catholic tradition, morality, and social justice.

Emphasize stewardship as a way of life.

Provide significant experiences of Catholic identity and family faith formation.

Foster an acceptance and appreciation of the dignity of all persons

In respect to our Tradition of Community we will:

Prepare students to engage in a diverse global community.

Commit to sharing resources, research, and best practices with other schools and institutions.

Develop new opportunities to ensure affordable and accessible Catholic education at Saint Agnes.

Expect active participation by all parents in the Saint Agnes Parish community.

Demonstrate leadership in environmental responsibility.

Cultivate courteous and respectful communication among all members of the community.

In respect to our Tradition of Academic Excellence we will:

Maintain a highly credentialed and talented faculty.

Prepare students to think ethically, creatively, and critically.

Develop the skills and personal responsibility in students to prepare them for a rigorous high school program.

Provide students with authentic experiences in the fine arts.

Continuously update instruction in technology skills and related ethical issues.

Work intentionally to build self-confidence in students through the development of effective interpersonal and communication skills

November, 2017