Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Calendar Information

Subscribe to the PTO Calendar on your favorite mobile device and stay in the loop with upcoming events!

On Your Apple Device (While on Apple Device):

  1. While on your Apple device, tap the calendar subscription link here:
  2. Subscribe to the Calendar.
  3. View Saint Agnes PTO Events added inside your Calendar app.

On Your Apple Device (From Your Desktop)

  1. If you on this page with a desktop/laptop computer, use your Apple device to scan the QR code using the Apple Camera app.
  2. Tap “Open” in Safari Browser.
  3. Subscribe to the Calendar.
  4. View Saint Agnes PTO Events added inside your Calendar app.

Android Devices (Google Calendar)

  1. On a desktop, log-in to Google Calendar (
  2. Add a new calendar “From URL.”
  3. Paste the calendar subscription link found here:
  4. Confirm that Saint Agnes PTO has added a listing within your Google Calendar.
  5. Open Google Calendar app on your Android Device.
  6. Tap Settings.
  7. Find the newly added Saint Agnes PTO Calendar.
  8. Enable Sync.
  9. View the Saint Agnes PTO Events now found inside the Google Calendar app.