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Saint Agnes School Terra Nova3 Scores for 2016

Grade 3 Reading Composite 85
Grade 3 Language Composite 80
Grade 3 Math Composite 87
Grade 3 Total Score 89
Grade 5 Reading Composite 82
Grade 5 Language Composite 82
Grade 5 Math Composite 80
Grade 5 Total Score 86
Grade 7 Reading Composite 83
Grade 7 Language Composite 84
Grade 7 Math Composite 89
Grade 7 Total Score 91

Scores reported here are National Percentiles of the Mean Normal Curve Equivalents

Terra Nova3, CTB McGraw Hill
Saint Agnes reports National Percentiles (NP) to parents because these scores are useful for comparing our local students’ achievement to students’ achievement nationally. For example, a student whose NP is 65 scored higher than 65 percent of the students in the norm group. NP’s compare Saint Agnes students with the national norm group.

Note: NP’s are not on an equal interval scale (as shown on the Bell Curve) and cannot be used to compare between our students, between test-subjects or between grade levels nor do they represent the percent correct. They only show a student’s comparison to the national norm group.