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Our Parish originated with the Passionist Congregation which came to Louisville in 1879 and began this parish, and continue to staff it to this day. Our Parish school, with over 500 students, adds immense youthful energy to our community. We aspire to remain Christ centered through our worship, service, education and formation.

Fr. Nelson, C.P.

2022-2023 Stewardship Form

As we enter the time for stewardship renewal, we turn our focus to three important “Gs” – God, gratefulness, and generosity. Have you ever considered the cyclical nature of those three words? We are God’s children. Like a loving parent, He generously blesses us and is grateful when we follow His directions. He wants us near Him.

For our part, when we turn our minds, hearts, and souls to God, we become more aware of the depth of His love and generosity. We are drawn through our gratefulness to follow His example and be generous with others.

In 2022, we are especially grateful for a return to “normalness” in our lives. Things we once took for granted, such as simply being together, have taken on special significance. Let us capture this moment in time to recommit ourselves to the directions given to the Hebrews – by doing good and sharing with others, because it pleases God. An excellent way to start is by completing and submitting your stewardship renewal for the coming year.  You can find the stewardship renewal form here: http://stagneslouisville.org/2022-saint-agnes-stewardship-form/

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